Our homestead can be easily reached on foot with a short thirty minute walk from Merkinė town hall downstream Nemunas river to the west. Travelling down Seinai street to your right you will find a pine forest that is situated on a small hill. Along the way there will be a recently built observation tower, from which beautiful panorama of the town and its surrounding areas can be viewed.

Upon descending you will find yourselves in Strauja valley where local dairy farmers are grazing their cows. A couple of years back an ancient merchant ship was discovered in this valley containing various goods like salt, honey and tar, it is speculated that the products were shipped to Merkinė or Kaunas since rivers were used for transportation at that time. Squeezing through the narrow footbridge you will come across Queen Bona hill that was known to be the home of winter deers. During the stone age, deer hunting in this area proved to be very fruitful.

Homestead is situated in the remains of Maksimonys village. The north side of the estate is facing the Netiesos forest, a vivid pinewood full of various wild animals and plenty of mushrooms in the summer and autumn times. While the south side oversees the longest river in the country, Nemunas river. Property is peaceful and quiet, perfect destination for a city getaway, offers a trouble-free relaxation and recreation.

We welcome lone travelers, families with children and pets as well as fishermen and various sports enthusiasts. There are many sights around worthy of mention, Merkinė town, V.Krėvė birthplace in Subartonys village, settlements which to this day preserve the ancient methods of making pottery like Pelekiškiai, Zakavoliai to name a few. Forest also shelters freshwater lakes like Bedugnis, Ešerinis, Lauja, Netiesėlis… A perfect place for swimming devotees.