Homestead is best suited for laid back relaxation. Nature takes the main stage as human influence out here is very minimal. The flow of peaceful river on one side and gentle wood creaking sound on the other provides a very soothing atmosphere.

During the day, a lone rabbit can be spotted wandering in the grass while deers make their way to the river. Every morning here is greeted with the sound of the swallow chirping while in the afternoon woodpeckers and scallops begin to mesmerize with their enchanting melodies.

However, if this peacefulness turns to boredom, you can:

  • Have a stroll through the forest or walk to Merkinė, journey is less than one and a half kilometers.
  • Ride a bicycle.
  • Gather mushrooms or berries.
  • Go fishing in Nemunas river or nearby lakes in the forest.
  • Go for a row in the Baltaežerys lake.
  • Play some bastketball.

If that is not satisfactory, a visit to National Park of Dzūkija website or their branch in the town will yield even more interesting nearby sights.