Homestead is situated next to a magnificent pine forest right in the heart of Dzūkija National Park. Perfectly appealing for families or nature lovers, peaceful surroundings of the area are great to wind down and relax, offer an escape form the bustling city environment.

                Nearby forest offers plethora of mushrooms and berries, as well as an occasional encounter with the local diverse fauna. Nemunas river is home to many rare species of birds migrating throughout the year and plenty of fishing opportunities. If that is not enough, a number of hiking trails can be found in the area, made by the Dzūkija National Park administration, they are guaranteed to provide spectacular views.

We currently offer a small cozy house perfect for a family of two adults and 2 children (first floor area is 40 sq. meters while second is 20 sq. meters). Downstairs there is a spacious high ceiling common room joined with the kitchen area and fire place which is the main source of heating.

Boiled provides hot drinkable tap water, commodities such as clean towels, kitchen utensils and stove are included. Furthermore, first floor also houses electrical sauna, toilet and shower.

Upstairs is sleeping area, TV and internet with complimentary bedding provided. Next to the house outside is a bonfire place perfect for cooking along with a sturdy table overlooking Nemunas river.